Become a Benevolence Booster

by Feb 5, 2016

We have an exciting new program for our supporters wanting to commit to helping our school in a deeper way without breaking the bank. As a matter of fact for what it costs to go grab a dinner out each month you can support a student at the Benevolence School in Haiti.

$28 per month or $336 per year is all it takes!

We are invested in the lives of our students and our hope is that you will come along side us and help continue this work. We have seen first hand how our school has helped our students learn, become healthier and get to know God’s love for them.

Here we hope to answer a few questions about the program:

Will I be sponsoring a specific child?
To ensure that your gift has the biggest impact possible we are using the resources it would take to run an individual sponsorship program and focusing those efforts on our student’s education. However, as a Booster you will learn about each child and staff member.

What will I receive?
When you become a booster you will receive an information packet about our program within 2 weeks* of signing up. This packet will explain our program and include our featured child of the month. Each month after that you will receive an emailed newsletter featuring another student or staff member’s story. Plus you’ll receive a year end gift from the school such as a video or artwork from our students.

*Since this is a new program our first Booster packet and student story will be mailed out on March 23rd, 2016. We want to give you some time to sign up and not miss the first featured child. 

What does this amount cover?
We’ve broken up the expenses for the school into a per student amount based on the projected expenses for the 2016/2017 school year. $28 per month/student covers our teacher’s salaries, books, a daily hot meal, propane for cooking, school supplies and security for the school year.

How much of my donation goes to support the school?
100% of your Booster dollars go to our school. It’s simple as that. Every cent you put in goes to meet the needs of our students and the Benevolence School.

What happens when you have more Boosters than students? 
We currently provide Pre-school through 4th grade for 130 students and will add a class each year until we reach 6th grade. We will have more students to provide for. Additional funds will go towards meeting these additional needs and the continued growth of the school as we build out for additional classrooms.

How do I sign up?
Visit our Benevolence Booster page and simply fill out the payment form with your information. Select $28 as a recurring monthly donation or select other and enter $336 for the yearly payment. You may mail a check, if you prefer, to Grace and Glory, P.O. Box 11914, Murfreesboro TN 37129.

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