Leadership Development


A hand up and not a hand out is the way to produce a culture able to sustain itself. A large part of bringing hope and support to the children we serve in Haiti is improving their community through sustainable programs. To accomplish this, we believe in training and developing the local Haitian leaders to become leaders worth following.

Leaders who serve others, lead by example, develop relationships, and lift up their families will strengthen their communities.

There are very limited opportunities for leadership training, mentoring, and education for the Haitian community we serve. What sets our training apart is the sustainable model of lifting up leaders and providing them with the tools and resources necessary to carry what they have learned further into their communities. Leaders we reach out to consist of teachers, pastors, students, medical personnel, parents, and more.

Grace & Glory is committed to help this community’s growth by providing:

  • Leadership development training seminars onsite in Haiti multiple times per year as part of our ongoing service trips.
  • Live and web-based coaching of key leaders with influence to multiply and grow leaders who influence the community.
  • User-friendly, visual tools and resources to aid in growth and development of leadership skills.
  • Providing this leadership program in Haiti requires extensive effort and resources.


— Your donations help provide —

Leadership resources, guidebooks, and other training materials.

Transportation and lodging for our leadership development trainers.

Web-based meeting portal service for ongoing coaching.

Interpreter and translator service for seminars.

Power, facility rental, and audio/visual equipment for live seminars.

Would you consider partnering with us to support our leadership program?

Your generosity empowers the community and multiple generations of Haitian families.