Be Your Own Hero

We are on a mission to empower children with these three truths…

The were created for a unique purpose!

They can change the world!

They are loved!

The Be Your Own Hero program is designed to teach kids how to become a HERO in their own lives. We discuss the importance of helping others in their community and the impact their words and actions have on those around them.

Through our curriculum, interactive discussion and art we provide children with simple ways to apply what they have learned and encourage them to be brave and start changing the world TODAY!

We partner with local outreach organizations to deliver BYOH to children that are dealing with some of life’s most difficult circumstances such as extreme poverty, homelessness, illness and other issues. At the completion of our program our heroes graduate with their very own superhero cape and a Bag of Hope filled with some of their basic necessities.

Our program also makes a great addition to your elementary classroom or after-school programming.

Contact us to bring the Be Your Own Hero program to the Children you serve.